Simple Ways to Feel Good in your Space

Your home environment plays a huge role in how you feel. It's important to create positive energy starting with where you wake up each day. A major part of being healthy is surrounding yourself with things that make you FEEL GOOD.

Today I decided to stay indoors and do some rearranging in my closets to avoid any unnecessary stress and overwhelm during the week! There's nothing like coming home to the sweet smell of garbage [said no one ever]🤣 so I love to make our home smell refreshing with a nice relaxing and meditative atmosphere. I am currently diffusing my OnGuard dOTERRA essential oil to get rid of those yucky germs and also provide us all with a nice seasonal immune boost!👌This one is my fav and is perfect for keeping the entire family healthy. 

The snowy vibes here in CT make me feel all warm and cozy. It inspired me to focus on health and happiness in my home today. I'm so glad I was able to take this snow day with Ava to clean up clutter and get cozy. I got to freshen up our home to make it a place of more positive energy and comfy vibes! Thankfully the baby was superrr content today to.🤞

So a major part of being healthy is surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good. Along with other areas of primary food, like exercise, relationships, and career, your home environment plays a huge role in how you feel.

Here are some simple ways to feel good in your space:

Personalize your place.
Hang photos of family and friends so you can display meaningful items and decorations. Adding things around your space that spark a memory or put a smile on your face is a great way to enhance your mood and make you feel even more at home.nbsp;

Get inspired.
Choose colors, artwork, and decorations that make you feel inspired and bring out your creativity. I love using decorations like inspirational quotes, or a vision board because these are powerful ways to put your vision into action toward achieving your goals!

Fill your space with greenery.
Houseplants are the perfect way to get outdoor vibes inside your home. Fill your space with plants that not only look beautiful but also make the air around you feel cleaner to. Plants have been shown tonbsp;improve air quality, increase oxygen, and make you feel calm. There are a variety of plants that require minimal maintenance and don’t need constant care, My family's favorite one is the Chinese Evergreen!

Let in natural light.
Not only is natural light an instant mood booster, but it can also reduce energy costs. Allow light into your home to help ease stress and anxiety and boost your immune system naturally.

Get cozy.
There is no better feeling than coming home after a stressful day to unwind, kick your feet up, and let go of anything that’s creating tension in your body. Making your space cozy and comfortable is an important part of making a house feel like a HOME. Our home should be a place where relaxation comes naturally.

Clean up your clutter.
Clutter can cause unnecessary stress and it can become distracting and make you feel overwhelmed to. Therefore, try to set aside time to declutter your home and reorganize the things that have been on your mind. Anything from the clothes in your closet to the junk drawer in your kitchen can be taking over your mind even when you’re not looking right at it. If you’re not a cleaner type, think about hiring a company that will help you organize your life and take the weight of clutter and mess off your shoulders.

Practice aromatherapy.
Make your home smell refreshing so try including things like Essential Oils that offer a relaxing and meditative atmosphere and tons of health benefits!

What are your favorite ways to make your home feel good?

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