Natural Sleep Aid DIY Pillow Mist

  • 8 drops Serenity 
  • 5 drops Juniper Berry
  • 5 drops Balance

  1. Add essential oil drops to the bottle. Fill the rest of the way with water.

This Natural sleep aid is perfect for new moms, busy moms, corporate woman, men and students alike. But guess what? The brand of oils you use MATTERS to. Its whats in the bottle. Purity and Certified Therapeutic grade is Doterra's #1. Let me show you why.

Yes, you can buy doTERRA oils off of Amazon, then why should you sign up and order them from a rep? ⠀⠀

Listen, I get it. I'm an Amazon Prime-er weekly. As a busy mom and entrepreneur Amazon is simple....But let me break it down for you why getting your oils on Amazon (or any supplements for that matter) should be a big fat NO. ⠀

You get what you pay for. The essential oil industry in general is growing and Doterra itself is growing FAST and leading the industry by miles. You can actually buy the sealed caps that come on doterra's oil bottoms which makes it very easy to either dilute or replace oil with a cheaper brand and replace the cap with a new one, seal and sell it for profit. Amazon does NOT care about quality of products (or even what's in your natural sleep aid for that matter),
There’s a lot to learn when you get started with essential oils and that's why you choose to buy from a rep you can trust, like me! A support system that comes along with education and resources that will help you use them safely and correctly. When you buy from Amazon, Marshalls or anywhere else for that matter you get none of that.

For me? I never wanted to question the purity or safety of my essential oils - especially with my babies! Plus for being a Doterra member, I get 25% off retail, FREE oils every month AND points back for each purchase I make good toward free product. A Deal you can't beat!

Contact me if you want to learn more about adding oils into your home. I PROMISE you it will be worth it! Contact me here 

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