Our tiny humans - Our Future. I never new a love like this existed

My Ava, my tiny human. I do it all for you. You are MY today and everyday. You and your little human friends, that is OUR future. While playing momma ain’t always the easiest thing, one of the things that crosses my mind is the health and safety of our little ones. They are the future world whether our own children or not.

Our job as parents, caregivers and adults, is to look out for our tiny humans and right now we are who they TRUST. Keep in mind we are not all that they have. They do have each other and WILL have each other for future to come. 

I am always tuning into the cues around me, I think that was just a thing since I was born haha. But you should try doing this to….Take a look at these giant corporations (cereal companies, snack companies, candy companies, beauty companies) targeting young kids with chemicals, dyes and processed foods that are harming their pure little bodies. Our kids don’t know, but we do or maybe we don't.

Remember, they trust us to teach them right.

The western medicine practices tell us to take them to the doc when they are sick and the meds and antibiotics being shoved down their throats are the easiest way to treat the symptom, but every single time? Why can’t we treat the cause first and find out why its happening?

Remember, our babies are trusting us to take care of them.

And all of this, only to show up later as a disease, cancer or health condition. What in the wally world?!

Well remember our babies, they trusted us..

This is life as we know it and it’s not pretend. I’m certainly not the only one who's struggled through life so far to figure this out, and I certainly don’t want to be the last when there are a lot more of us that need to know the truths. For our little ones- teach them what we eat is what we are, love them so much they will never not know what love is, care for them as if there is nobody else who will.

Do this so when they grow up...who will stand a chance against them?

Let’s face it, we all fail at parenting at some point in our lives but that just means we are constantly learning, I am JUST learning how to mom, kinda learning as I go even and I can tell you I'm already having so much fun while making plenty of errors. It’s just the way it goes because without mistakes there is no gain and without gain there's nothing to teach.

How often do you take advice from someone who has never been through anything remotely close to what you have? I bet it wasn’t that often. I bet you thought, “Well it’s easy for you to say because you didn’t go through this. "You don't know what you are talking about because you don't carry the credentials. Listen, each one of us carries plenty of credentials to speak our mind, it's our right to speak freely. So why not inform and educate others on topics we are passionate about. I became a mom and for whatever reason that didn't come with a degree ;) Oh and if you carry along with you an educational degree then hey your pretty awesome too!

I have a self taught degree in Mommy-ing, Bachelors Degree in Business MGT, Minor Degree in Psychology, Certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, a head full of dirty deets and a face full of smiles. If you are ever interested in learning more about a topic, I would gladly provide you with my findings, research, opinions and so much more. xo

Remember, our babies, they trusted us to.

So why wait until its too late? Keep this in the back of your mind when you see your children in the morning. I know I do this every damn day with mine and she doesn’t even know how to talk yet.  Oh Ava, you are definitely in for an action packed joyful life. And a promise I can hold dear to my heart is trust. Whose ready to join the ride??

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